Haven't you ever meditated on why a normal person should share his life with a dog who isn't normal at all? Well ... the answer is easy. Try, try to share your days, your hours, your minutes with a Bulldog and only then you will understand you would not live without him. When they are pups, they are irresistable toys to pet, and when they grow up they are like perfect procurers, always ready to get what they want with their languid and tender look. They are obstinate, naughty and when they don't want to do something it becomes impossible to let them do it. But they are also incredibly dear, tender, loyal and honest. Once, a famous breeder rightly said that bulldogs don't have snouts but faces. Their love for all their family members is very touching: just a stroke and they are very happy. How many times haven't we said something to our Bulldog certain to be understood. In short, this proud dully who descends from fighting foredogs, adores today only battles to discourage the most hearts of stone. After these few words you, not knowing Bulldogs at all, surely still will have a lot of doubts. Well, I only can say: try a Bulldog, if you know him you'll wan't avoid him.